[pmwiki-devel] bug in RestorePage()?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Apr 10 13:42:03 CDT 2009

RestorePage() is designed to restore a page to the revision that was
active at the time specified in $restore.  It appears to be intended
to accept a standard $page array and then process it, returning the
new text.

However, it appears that the $page array must be read in with a $since
of the same value as the $restore value or else RestorePage() doesn't

Specifically this line in RestorePage() appears to be in error:

    if ($k<$restore) break;

This appears to be trying to compare a timestamp with the desired
timestamp and not processing any more if we have passed the desired
timestamp.  However, the key to this hash is actually
"diff:12341234:23452345" rather than just 12341234.  Thus $k is
"diff:12341234:23452345" and that is being compared to $restore which
is "12341234".  I believe that $k needs to be processed with a
substr() or a preg_match() or something to pull out the first
timestamp before this comparison is made.

This bug does not affect normal operation of page revisions because
the pages are always read with $since for any kind of restore.
However, recipes wanting to make use of RestorePage() can be strongly
affected.  Either the requirement for a read with $since needs to be
clearly documented or (better) there needs to be a fix to


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