[Pmwiki-users] Is it possible to create forms in PmWiki?

Neil Herber nospam
Thu Dec 2 11:57:00 CST 2004

I have a PmWiki site running on a private LAN that is completely open to 
users. Is there any way to selectively include HTML on some of the pages 
without opening all pages to HTML? For instance, I would like to:

1) Create a form that users can fill in. The form action could invoke a 
non-PmWiki page.
2) Do the equivalent of  <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/whatever.pl" -->
3) Insert raw HTML on some pages.

In all three cases, the pages should be locked to editing. I know I could 
link to straight HTML pages outside of PmWiki, but I would like to keep the 
look and feel without having to duplicate style sheets and so on.

The cookbook solutions that I found are not really what I want. Given that 
this will probably be used on only one or two pages per Wiki, the HTML 
solution seems to be the most flexible.

This sort of feature could also be useful where PmWiki is used to quickly 
deploy a read-only website.

Is there any downside to what I am trying to do? Security, particularly 
injection of rogue scripts, should not be an issue since only the 
administrator would be able to edit such pages.


Neil Herber
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