[Pmwiki-users] Template Question (:nosidebar:)

Steven Leite steven_leite
Sat Dec 4 21:04:39 CST 2004

There is a directive that does not print (represses) the SideBar is 
there not?

Assuming there is, and that command is (:nosidebar:), then,

Is there a way to build a template that contains a table with two 
columns, where the left column is the main wiki content, and the right 
column contains the SideBar, but also when the (:nosidebar:) directive 
is encountered, the right column is completely omitted from the 
template, thus leaving the main wiki content an extra wide area for 
text.  (Essentially, turning the 2nd column of text on-and-off depending 
on your needs, and being able to utilize that extra space for your main 


Steven Leite 

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