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Pierre Rouzeau pierre
Sun Dec 5 03:27:30 CST 2004

There is a cookbook recipe to remove left or right part of the screen :

In fact the sidebar is installed in PageLeftFmt 'area'
To move it in PageRightFmt 'area', you should simply move the sidebar 
definition from PageLeftFmt to PageRightFmt, set just after <!--PageText-->

      <td id='wikileft' valign='top'>
      <!--wiki:$Group.SideBar Main.SideBar--></td>

Beware to unactivate browser caching ($EnableIMScaching) when doing 
these manipulations, if you want to see the results...


Steven Leite wrote:

> There is a directive that does not print (represses) the SideBar is 
> there not?
> Assuming there is, and that command is (:nosidebar:), then,
> Is there a way to build a template that contains a table with two 
> columns, where the left column is the main wiki content, and the right 
> column contains the SideBar, but also when the (:nosidebar:) directive 
> is encountered, the right column is completely omitted from the 
> template, thus leaving the main wiki content an extra wide area for 
> text.  (Essentially, turning the 2nd column of text on-and-off 
> depending on your needs, and being able to utilize that extra space 
> for your main content.).
> Thanks,
> Steven Leite

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