[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.0.beta6 released

John Rankin john.rankin
Sun Dec 5 14:24:30 CST 2004

On Monday, 6 December 2004 6:45 AM, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
>Many users of pmwiki.org may be interested in the AccessKeysSkin that I
>created a couple of days ago.  This extension enables shortcut keys of
>the form ALT+h for page history, ALT+e for editing a page, and ALT+s for
>saving a page.  (Use CTRL instead of ALT on Macintosh browsers.)  I've
>found these shortcuts to be incredibly useful, and other skin creators may
>wish to incorporate them as well.  To activate the shortcut keys when
>you're visiting pmwiki.org, see 

Question about loading skinx/skinx.php

Is it deliberate that the include of skinx.php is inside a function,
thus making any variable settings local rather than global? To make
things work, I changed all $variable to $GLOBALS['variable'].

The consequence is that one can't move a skin script from
local/ to pub/skins/ and have it just work.

It seems to me that including local, group and skin scrips should
all work the same way...

Or have I missed something? (This is with beta 5.)

John Rankin

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