[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw - New version (2.0B)

Ciaran ciaranj
Mon Dec 6 04:00:23 CST 2004

There is a new version of PmWikiDraw which I *strongly* recommend
upgrading to.  I discovered that the line styles stuff I'd implemented
had quietly broken a whole lot of other stuff which wasn't apparent
unless you happened to be checking over the ascii .draw files.

To fix this I've had to approach the line styling with an approach I'd
originally not wanted to take as it would break previous drawings. 
However I've *also* written a new class that should be able to convert
between drawing versions transparently in the background.  I'd really
appreciate it if people could try the new version and send me any draw
files which don't appear to work properly. (Note this does not include
styles disapearing from lines... this will happen, sorry!)

On the plus side, all these problems were caused by me adding in a
useful feature, Grouped objects can now be connected to (yay!).  I'm
not sure why this is off in the JHotDraw package, but it is, so I just
enabled it :) (Testing of this revealed the other major faults :( )

So as per usual please Hop along to 
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmWikiDraw  To download the latest
version of the program :)

I'm still on the lookout for icons for the copy/edit/paste etc buttons
if anyone has any good ideas which don't carry confusing licence

Also please note the script is now slightly different in this release,
so I would advise you to upgrade that as well.  Primarily the only
difference is that the img elements now carry a class attribute so
they can be styled in your stylesheets.

Thanks :) 
- Ciaran

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