[Pmwiki-users] Searchbox conversion to Pmwiki2

Hans Bracker design
Mon Dec 6 07:46:51 CST 2004

Hi, I am new to this group so please excuse if this was already
discussed. I am still in the middle of adapting skin templates to
Pmwiki2 from v1.

The conversion script left the searchbox disfunct, I had to
replace the query string of "text" with "q" to fix this.
Was this change in the code necessary and could it be fixed in the
conversion script?

if i change the (:searchresults:) directive and include list=normal
i get as result on top of the link listing:
"Results of search for list=normal {searchexpression}:"
Is the appearance of list=normal in this sentence deliberate, or can
it be avoided?

Best regards,

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