[Pmwiki-users] more thoughts on .htaccess

Joachim Durchholz jo
Tue Dec 7 13:12:27 CST 2004

Neil Herber wrote:
> I suggest that .htaccess be removed from the default install and that 
> the page PmWiki/Security have an entry added that describes how to 
> install and activate it on Apache or other servers that use .htaccess. 
> (I think both Sambar and Xitami use .htaccess). I am more than willing 
> to contribute such a page, but I would want someone like Jo Durchholz to 
> check the Apache descriptions.

Can do, willing to do :-)

I don't think I agree that .htaccess should be removed. Leaving them in 
would make the installation easier for those who do have a working 
Apache, and even for those who don't use .htaccess it would be a 
configuration to copy over.

I'd consider it more important if PmWiki did the appropriate checking 
during install (or, even better, later on). E.g. it could start a read 
from one of its own URLs and check whether everything can be read that 
should be readable, and that those directories that take data from users 
aren't readable.


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