[Pmwiki-users] More on (:include:) syntax

Neil Herber nospam
Thu Dec 9 23:45:44 CST 2004

At 2004-12-07  11:17 PM -0700, Patrick R. Michaud is rumored to have said:
>Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to have it that someone wrote
>that they needed to be able to include arbitrary lines from a file--
>i.e., equivalent to PmWiki V1's  [[include PageName#5#10]] markup.
>Since I now can't seem to find the original message anywhere in my
>archives or the like to be able to properly respond to it, I'll
>just broadcast the answer to the list and hope it gets to whoever
>asked the original question...

I think I asked several variants of this question.

I asked for a way to do the equivalent of  <!--#include 
virtual="/cgi-bin/whatever.pl" --> and you mentioned something called 

I asked for a way to include "raw" HTML from an arbitrary file that is not 
a PmWiki page. I would include the whole file - no need for line selectors. 
The inclusion should be inserted after all of the HTML is rendered so that 
PmWiki does not touch the code at all, just serves it as part of the page.

To prevent this from becoming a massive security hole, the files should 
probably be forced to live in one of the PmWiki directories (pub, perhaps) 
or in a directory explicitly named in local/config.php.

If there is another way to do this without creating new markup, that would 
be fine.


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