[Pmwiki-users] Recording of IP-Addresses

Joachim Durchholz jo
Sat Dec 11 04:46:01 CST 2004

Nils Knappmeier wrote:
> That reminds me: Is there an easy way to turn that recording of IP 
> addresses.

The IP is recorded anyway - just take a look at the web server's access log.
At least here in Germany, IPs must be logged anyway. The official reason 
being that this is needed to deal with child porn mongers and such 
(unfortunately, the reason is valid - I say "unfortunately" because such 
logs can and will be abused).

> Some of the users of our new wiki would like us not even to record
> the IP address. The wiki is completely password protected and we use
> it more as a CMS, so there is not so much danger of spam...

What would be the reasons why somebody wouldn't want to be logged in 
such a situation? If it's closed off via passwords, people are going to 
be identified anyway, so I don't quite see how the IP adds any relevant 
information (which means I'm missing something, and I'd like to know what).


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