[Pmwiki-users] Recording of IP-Addresses

Stephan Schildberg schildberg
Sat Dec 11 05:05:54 CST 2004

Reasons are to make it slightly harder to trace users. Not all 
wiki-users are so lucky living under conditions like we do. Look at 
countries where our spammers might come from.


>> Some of the users of our new wiki would like us not even to record
>> the IP address. The wiki is completely password protected and we use
>> it more as a CMS, so there is not so much danger of spam...
> What would be the reasons why somebody wouldn't want to be logged in 
> such a situation? If it's closed off via passwords, people are going 
> to be identified anyway, so I don't quite see how the IP adds any 
> relevant information (which means I'm missing something, and I'd like 
> to know what).
> Regards,
> Jo

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