[Pmwiki-users] problem with comments 2.0 ?

thomas girod thomas_girod
Sat Dec 11 17:19:30 CST 2004

Hi there.

In order to make comments 2.0 works properly (on the
latest pmwiki), i had to edit the CommentsFileName
function. It is said on the documentation that it's
possible to do so in order to keep the comment files
in a user defined emplacement, but the default values
given with the script are weird ... it is something
like that :

function CommentsFileName($pagename) {
        global $WikiDir;
//      return $WikiDir.'/'.$pagename.".Comments";
        return $WikiDir.".Comments";

obviously this make all the comments stored in a file
called Object.Comments in pmwiki root folder.

i tried to find where the string "wiki.d" is stored
within $WikiDir but couldn't find. As this didn't
work, it is probably wrong ... where is my mistake ?

return $WikiDir->dirfmt.'/'.$pagename.".Comments";

So i had to use this workaround :

return "wiki.d/".$pagename.".Comments";

can anyone help me with this ? And wouldn't it be a
good idea to fix this little problem in comments2.0
tarfile ?

(please keep in mind my level of php is quite low,
some remaining from php3 ...)



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