[Pmwiki-users] [pmwiki1 & 2], userauth and author spamming

pyg_listes pyg_listes
Sun Dec 12 11:39:32 CST 2004

Hello world
I'm using pmWiki for a couple of months (http://zodevga.keonox.com/, 
http://hotpotatoes.keonox.com) and it just works *great* (thanks to all)
I've planned to migrate to V2 in a couple of weeks.

But something still annoy me :
some users find that it's "funny" (maybe it's not really wanted) to give 
an already existing user name instead of their own author name when 
modifying a page.
The problem could also appear on some shared computers, where people 
didn't delete cookies.

As I don't want to :
- use password protection on page edition ("edit password")
- fill by myself a login/password list (not because I'm lazy, but I just 
want to let my wikis "opened" to everyone without asking me before to 
obtain a log/pass)

my question is : is there a simple way to prevent anybody to use an 
"already in use" author name ?

Solutions I have explored :
-> Using userauth.php cookbook, but the admin need to fill an .htaccess 
-> assigning a password the first time an author name is used, store it 
(hidden) in Profiles/AuthorsPasswords (so each user define by himself 
his password). It would be (for me) the best solution, but I'm affraid 
it's quite complicated to code :-/
-> ass a possibility to "rename" an author name after editing (this has 
already been discussed in previous post "how can I change the page 
author attribution?") but, here again, it sounds quite difficult to 
rename _after_editing.

That's not really an essential question (I understand that we must keep 
edition simple), but it may sounds quite strange to some of my users to 
see in AllRecentPages some modifications they hadn't done but "signed" 
with their usual authoring name...


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