[Pmwiki-users] local install

Joachim Durchholz jo
Thu Dec 16 05:46:19 CST 2004

Thelen, Tobias wrote:
> For running pmwiki locally you need a local installation of a webserver 
> and php. For Windows, an easy way to get this is installing XAMPP 
> (http://www.apachefriends.org).

I second that recommendation. It's really painless in comparison to 
installing everything from scratch on your own.

Two caveats are in order though:

* Apache is installed with local system privileges. This means that you 
should most definitely not open the server for access from the outside. 
(This pretty much makes XAMPP useless for productive installations of 
any kind, including those of a Wiki nature. The XAMPP docs actually 
quite clearly state that XAMPP is intended for local development and 
testing, not for productive use.)

* If you wish to run Apache as a service, and wish to serve data from 
network paths, you have to install a separate user with the proper 
permissions. Instructions can be found on apache.org (google for 
"site:apache.org windows service" and you shall find).
(The reasons is that the service

I've just been through the latter :-)

Note that the first issue isn't considered a bug by the XAMPP 
maintainers. XAMPP is targeted for local testing, not for productive 

Both issues disappear if you start Apache manually (it's running with 
your personal permissions then, which you might or might not consider a 
security issue).


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