[Pmwiki-users] local install

Knut Alboldt pmwiki
Thu Dec 16 08:29:59 CST 2004

There are some other webservers for windows, which are quite suiteable 
for local usage:

Abbyss (ca 300 kb) and Xitami (ca 1,2 MB as far as I can remember) both 
free for personal use and I think they both run on Linux also.

Both run with PHP and are just small. If you use PHP5, ayou also got 
SQLLite as an database. And all will be a 'bit' smaller than xampp. The 
biggest part will be php.

So if anybody is interested I can do a test for these systems, even 
check some mobile-disk-installation (USB-Stick, USB-HD, CD?) and try to 
build a ready 2 run system.

If you want to distibute php-stuff or test for a isp-installation a also 
recommend using apache.


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