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Robin robin
Fri Dec 17 06:57:21 CST 2004

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Hey there, I'm wondering if there is a way to preview a page via a POST 
request, similar to what happens when you hit preview on the edit page, only 
have it look exactly as though it were the real page in place (i.e. without 
the edit form, and 'unsaved' messages, and so forth).

The reason for this is that I've decided to learn XUL (a UI language 
understood by Firefox, Mozilla, and the newer Netscapes) and an idea for a 
not-too-complex program to start with I had is a special edit form for PmWiki 
that has two tabs: edit and preview. The edit tab is similar in content and 
features to the current edit system. When the preview tab is selected, it 
sends the current form contents to the wiki, requesting a preview, which is 
brought up in that tab, allowing reasonably quick on-the-fly previewing of 
what you've done.

Ideally, I'd have it set so that if you hit the edit link in a capable 
browser, you get the fancy XUL form, otherwise you get the standard one. It's 
mainly a project for my own learning, but it would be nice to be able to make 
it a PmWiki addon if I get far enough with it.

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