[Pmwiki-users] problem with RefCount docs

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Fri Dec 17 07:06:24 CST 2004

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 08:19:30AM -0500, Neil Herber wrote:
> I started reading the RefCount documentation on my local Wiki. It gave as 
> an example: [...]
> but I wanted to try it on a local page, so I just added the action to the 
> end of the URL. Nothing happened. I reread the instructions, tried again, 
> same result.
> I then noticed way down at the bottom of the page a note telling me that I 
> needed to modify config.php to activate this feature! I think that this 
> note needs to be at the top of the page to avoid the problem I had. 

Oooops!  Somehow I thought it was at the top -- obviously not.
I'll move it there now.

As always, feel free to make documentation changes directly on pmwiki.org.

> Perhaps there could be a standard syntax for such messages:
>     "This optional feature is activated by loading a script. See the 
>     instructions here...(a link to an anchor? or just include the 
>     instructions if short)"
> I am only suggesting this for items which appear to be "standard". Cookbook 
> items clearly require script additions.

Hmm.  I'll have to think about this one.  Normally when looking at this
I have to think about two levels of "standard" -- things enabled by 
default in PmWiki, and things distributed with PmWiki but not 
enabled by default.  And in reviewing the code, this latter category
seems to contain "things that are enabled by setting $EnableXXX=1;" 
and "things that are enabled by include_once('scripts/something.php');".
Maybe we should have something a little more consistent.  Part of the
reason for retaining the include_once() form of enabling features is
so that administrators (who often don't know PHP) can become a little
familiar with it in preparation for being able to add cookbook scripts.

Anyway, I'll fix the docs for this case and thing about the other
cases a bit later.



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