[Pmwiki-users] localization searching keywords

Pierre Rouzeau pierre
Fri Dec 17 14:59:50 CST 2004

Stephan Schildberg a ?crit :
> After localizing a big chunk to the German documentation, I am now 
> re-anglicising it - don't  be afraid, only the pagetitles. :-)
> When I search now after any keyword I get english pagetitles, that is 
> logic. But I do not want them, because of my understanding it is 
> ridiculous to have english search results in a foreign documentation.
> I am sure I can mask them, and you tell me how. I appologize if I have 
> overseen the translated explanation how I can change this behaviour.
> Stephan.
If i well understand, you have added english titles in german pages to 
get german pages when searching english words, but you do not want 
english pages rising up in searches.

1/ I think you can simply add the words in the page, without having any 
need to set an english title, because the search is done in all the page 
text. That might allow better looking titles :-)

2/ have a look on :
where you can find an example how to exclude/allow groups from being 


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