[Pmwiki-users] problem with RefCount docs

Neil Herber nospam
Fri Dec 17 06:19:39 CST 2004

I started reading the RefCount documentation on my local Wiki. It gave as 
an example:


but I wanted to try it on a local page, so I just added the action to the 
end of the URL. Nothing happened. I reread the instructions, tried again, 
same result.

I then noticed way down at the bottom of the page a note telling me that I 
needed to modify config.php to activate this feature! I think that this 
note needs to be at the top of the page to avoid the problem I had. Perhaps 
there could be a standard syntax for such messages:

"This optional feature is activated by loading a script. See the 
instructions here...(a link to an anchor? or just include the instructions 
if short)"

I am only suggesting this for items which appear to be "standard". Cookbook 
items clearly require script additions.


Neil Herber
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