[Pmwiki-users] can't get uploads working

Tom Holroyd tomh
Sun Dec 19 13:30:37 CST 2004

> If you aren't getting any messages -- i.e., if uploading a file
> returns you immediately to the page's browse view but with no uploaded
> file

That's what happens.

It's not a size thing.  It happens with very short files.

?phpinfo is interesting, thanks.

In fact, just hitting "Upload" (after entering the password, of 
course), with no filename, returns me to the browse view, with no 
error messages.

I have some url rewriting going on, I wonder if that could be a 
problem.  I renamed pmwiki.php to index.php, so it's just 
and /var/www/html has a symbolic link to where it really is.

Can I put some debug messages in config.php to see what it gets 
when I push the Upload button?  How would I do that?

Dr. Tom Holroyd
"A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and
are the portals of discovery." -- James Joyce

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