[Pmwiki-users] can't get uploads working

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sun Dec 19 14:01:13 CST 2004

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 03:30:31PM -0500, Tom Holroyd wrote:
> I have some url rewriting going on, I wonder if that could be a 
> problem.  I renamed pmwiki.php to index.php, so it's just 
> 	http://mysite.domain/wiki/
> and /var/www/html has a symbolic link to where it really is.

It easily could be.  You need to make sure that the URL


actually takes you to the upload form.  

Renaming pmwiki.php to index.php isn't recommended in general, as it
often confuses the webserver (and/or PmWiki) when constructing URLs.
In particular, http://mysite.domain/wiki no longer points to the script,
it points to the directory containing the script, and Apache doesn't
always rewrite this correctly.

> Can I put some debug messages in config.php to see what it gets 
> when I push the Upload button?  How would I do that?

Try adding 

   $EnableRedirect = 0;

to your config.php, and then see where the browser is being redirected
when the upload button is hit.  If that doesn't do any good, I'd need
to see the contents of the <form ...> tag in the upload page (i.e.,
"View Source" from a browser).


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