[Pmwiki-users] (:noleft:) layout questions

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Wed Dec 22 11:42:26 CST 2004

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 06:10:17PM +0000, Hans Bracker wrote:
> the (:noleft:) (:noheader:) etc directives could be quite useful for
> certain pages or groups. But I find that buiding a page template just
> with css and avoiding the use of tables for layout I cannot get the
> desired result.

I'll note briefly here that early in 2004 I spent weeks trying to come
up with a layout that avoided tables but gave me all of the results I
wanted, and I decided that it was cleaner and easier to just use tables.

That said, to continue...

> The standard css solution for multi-columns is to use wide side margins
> to give space for the column at the side. If you then use (:noleft:) for
> example the left sidebar disappears, but an empty wide margin is still
> there instead.

One would ideally like to use float for this, but when this happens the
left sidebar "floats" over the main content box with the contents wrapping
around it.  The only way I found to avoid this is to have the main content
box also be "float left", so that it's entirely to the right of the sidebar, 
but that introduces all sorts of other quirks that have to be worked around.

My best suggestion (other than "go ahead and use tables") might be to get 
(:noleft:) to change the CSS margins in addition to removing the left 
sidebar.  That is what the $HTMLStylesFmt[] array is for, after all -- 
to allow dynamic changes to the CSS based on page contents.


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