[Pmwiki-users] (:noleft:) layout questions

Hans Bracker design
Wed Dec 22 11:11:33 CST 2004

the (:noleft:) (:noheader:) etc directives could be quite useful for
certain pages or groups. But I find that buiding a page template just
with css and avoiding the use of tables for layout I cannot get the
desired result.

The standard css solution for multi-columns is to use wide side margins
to give space for the column at the side. If you then use (:noleft:) for
example the left sidebar disappears, but an empty wide margin is still
there instead.

If I float the left sidebar-column the main content
will wrap around it. To avoid this I would need to make the left
column artificially long. Is there a css way to make the main content
appear in a rectangle so that it does not wrap? Or do I have to
introduce a table with at least one cell to contain the content?

thanks in advance for you input!

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