[Pmwiki-users] Cannot acquire lockfile - curiosity

Steven Leite steven_leite
Thu Dec 23 14:08:34 CST 2004

I just set up a new wiki for testing out the latest beta release.

I'm getting an error that PmWiki cannot acquire the lockfile.  I know 
how to fix it, but this is more a curiosity than a question.

I first installed the newest beta yesterday.  Initially I could not run 
it because the proper permissions were not set.  So I CHMOD'd my 
public_html to 0755 (or whatever the instructions said), then ran 
pmwiki.  It worked.  Then I reset the permissions back to 755.

A day later, I try to access the website, and I get the file lock error.

I'm just curious what could cause that.  It was working just peachy 
yesterday.  And today it's not.

S Leite 

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