[Pmwiki-users] How do I make images align=right?

Nathan Jones pmwiki
Mon Dec 27 16:29:52 CST 2004

Hans Bracker wrote:
>Use %align=right%Attach:picture_name.jpg

Thanks! I thought I had tried that, but I must have done something wrong.
Now I get <img align='right'..., which is just what I wanted.

And I've answered my second question by finding that I can use the CSS
property clear:both as an alternative to <br clear="all">.

>But you will need to
>break up the text lines in short enough lengths with \\ at the end of
>each line, because images do not really float (yet) in pmwiki 2. This
>deficiency should be solved with the first full (non-beta) release.

Sorry, I don't understand. Maybe img align="right" does not cause
"floating" as defined by CSS. But my whole paragraph wraps on the left
of my img without the need for line breaks (\\), which is what I wanted.

Nathan Jones

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