[Pmwiki-users] How do I make images align=right?

Hans Bracker design
Mon Dec 27 16:59:10 CST 2004

Monday, December 27, 2004, 11:29:28 PM, Nathan wrote:

>>But you will need to
>>break up the text lines in short enough lengths with \\ at the end of
>>each line, because images do not really float (yet) in pmwiki 2. This
>>deficiency should be solved with the first full (non-beta) release.

> Sorry, I don't understand. Maybe img align="right" does not cause
> "floating" as defined by CSS. But my whole paragraph wraps on the left
> of my img without the need for line breaks (\\), which is what I wanted.

Sorry, I did mean that the text won't wrap around the image. If your
text lines are too long they will go across the image. If you resize
the browser window and make it narrow enough this will also happen.
I hope text wrapping will be solved soon for pmwiki 2, then I can get
on and convert another pmwiki 1 installation.


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