[Pmwiki-users] Major change to layout code likely (again!)

Greg Morgan Cybie
Sun Feb 22 12:09:38 CST 2004

This looks fantastic!  I was able to get pretty decent results out of the
0.6.0 system... But this looks to be much simpler.
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> Subject: [Pmwiki-users] Major change to layout code likely (again!)
> Okay, the critics have spoken and the layout system 
> introduced in 0.6.0
> is being officially declared "too ugly to keep", at least as 
> the default.
> As a result, based on excellent feedback from others I've developed a 
> new template-based system for describing layouts and this system is
> now in use at the main PmWiki site (http://www.pmichaud.com/pmwiki).
> My intent at this point is to release 0.6.1 with the new layout system
> as the default, and relegate the short-lived 0.6.0 to the cookbook or
> an external module somewhere.  If anyone strongly disagrees--now's
> the time to say something.

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