[pmwiki-users] How to feed MakePageList() with my own list of pages?

Mateusz Czaplinski czapkofan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 03:46:53 CDT 2008

If I exchange $PageListFilters['PageListSources'] with my own function
"enveloping" it in my own functionality, this would unfortunately
mean, that other recipes won't be able to do the same trick for their
needs, as 'PageListSources' won't be there any more for their needs,
and that's why I wouldn't like to use this approach.

Regarding substitution of MakePageList with my own function, that's
truly what we had to do in old times (oh, those old times ;D) but then
the drawback is, as you said, that it'd be hard to take advantage of
already existing pagelist options, as well as those added by some
other recipes.

As of now I've decided I'll stick with creating a simple
PageListFilter. For the sake of simplicity I'll have to hope readdir()
in ListPages() isn't actually that much slower than iterating over an
array of strings...

Anyway, thanks for discussion, and if someone has still any more ideas
I'd be eager to hear them too.
Mateusz Czaplinski

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