[pmwiki-users] foxfilter

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Sun Apr 6 07:49:32 CDT 2008

hi hans

I'm building a foxfilter to handle categories. It works fine, except if 
a user deletes all categories, respectively a empty categories field is 

the if part of the code below works fine. However if I submit an empty 
filed, "no-category" is written into the ptv. But if I change 
"no-category" to "" then the filed don't get updated.

What I have to do now to get the ptv cleard. Thanks for any hints.

$FoxFilterFunctions['FoxCategories'] = 'FoxCategoriesFilter';
function FoxCategoriesFilter($pagename, $fields) {
    $categories_string = $fields['ptv_Categories'];
    $categories_string = 
    $categories_string = 
    $categories_string = 
    if ( $categories_string != "" ) {
        $categories_arr = explode(" ",$categories_string);
        for($i=0;$i<count($categories_arr);$i++) {
            $out = $out."[[!".$categories_arr[$i]."]] ";
    else $out = "no-category";
    $fields['ptv_Categories'] = $out;
    return $fields;

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