[pmwiki-users] Include pre-rendered pages?

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Wed Apr 9 11:40:08 CDT 2008

This works great, thank you very much.

At 12:09 AM 4/9/2008, you wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 10:48:03PM -0400, Mailinglists wrote:
>> Thank you.
>> >Hans is right about using the extended table markup.
>> >You can use that to embed pmfeed into cells of a
>> >table.
>> Yes, this does work, but it doesn't allow me to use any formatting. 
>> For example, I wanted to make it bold. I can't put ANY characters 
>> before the pmfeed markup. 
>> I guess this isn't an issue with it being in a table, but more an 
>> issue of having to put the pmfeed markup at the beginning of the 
>> line only. 
>It's actually more of an issue that HTML doesn't let you do that.
>I suspect you're wanting to do something like the following:
>    '''(:pmfeed:)'''
>PmWiki would then put <strong>...</strong> tags around the output 
>of (:pmfeed:).  Unfortunately, the result will be very invalid HTML 
>-- some browsers won't render it -- because the output of (:pmfeed:) 
>would contain lists or other HTML block elements that cannot appear 
>within inline formatting tags such as bold, italics, etc.
>So, if you want to make a bunch of stuff bold, then use a div:
>    >>font-weight:bold<<
>    (:pmfeed:)
>    >><<
>If you want to do it in a table cell, then it's:
>    (:cell style='font-weight:bold':)
>    (:pmfeed:)

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