[pmwiki-users] page not found

Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Thu Apr 10 14:02:04 CDT 2008

i have my server set up to send me a message when someone hits a link
that does not resolve. I have been receiving messages for some weird
page not found errors. The error message tells me the page that
supposedly has the link that is the problem, but this page doesn't
even exist.


which supposedly refers me to this:


Weirdly enough this happens on the "farmed" wiki too. I get the message that


has a broken link to


I do not know what the %257 or %7e are all about.
I do have a journal on the "farmed" wiki:


I tried upgrading my pmwiki installation, as well as all of the
cookbook recipes I am using, but this did not help. Fyi: I am using

PmWiki:Upgrades	pmwiki-2.2.0-beta65	
Cookbook:RecipeCheck	2007-04-17	
Cookbook:MarkupExpressions	2007-04-11	
Cookbook:RandomQuote	2007-02-15	
Cookbook:CommentBoxPlus	2007-12-09a	
Cookbook:Fox	2008-04-01	
Cookbook:BreakPage	2006-10-28	

Any body have any idea how this can be happening?


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