[pmwiki-users] FoxBlog

Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Fri Apr 11 02:29:42 CDT 2008

In an unsuccessful attempt to fix a weird problem I had been having
(regarding nonexistent pages supposedly sending people to other
nonexistent pages), I updated my pmwiki installation and cookbook
recipes. Then, I realized FoxBlog wouldn't work with the new Fox, so I
went back to my old Fox, but left everything else updated. It pretty
much seems to work now, except for my NewBlogPage does some strange
stuff. I had adapted the code on the NewBlogPage so that it would make
each page have a Page Name of a consecutive number. Here is my code,
which use to work:

(:fox form1 #top template=Site.FoxBlogTemplate redirect=1:)
Pagenum: (:pagelist group=Blog,-Blog.Blog list=normal fmt=count:)
||width=100% center
|| '''Page Name:'''||(:input text target value="{$:Pagenum}" size=30:) ||
|| '''Title:'''||(:input text titletxt size=30:) ||
||'''Content:''' || ||
||(:input textarea text cols=70 rows=15:) ||||
|| Author:||(:input text author value="{$Author}" size=30:)
  (:input submit post Post:)
(:foxend form1:)

Now, although the Pagenum variable gets set correctly, this is what
shows up in the Page Name field:


and then this outside of the field:

" size=30:)

Can be seen here:

Can any one tell me why, and how to fix it?

thanks for any help,

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