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Fri Apr 18 15:44:05 CDT 2008

I've tried using both swf.php and flash.php to embed a .swf using this Recipe:


Using this syntax:
(:flash http://domain.com/video/company_overview.swf width=360px height=240px:)

I get the video player embedded, but it has a strange black border around all but the top and no player bar at the bottom.

Using this syntax:
%width=360px height=240px%http://domain.com/video/company_overview.swf

It just produces a link that when clicked opens a new page and at that point the flash video plays just fine, and includes the player bar at the bottom. But this is not embedding.

I can't figure out how to get the flash movie to embed on the page without strange borders and with the player.

These files are available:

Just kind of confused....

Thanks all!

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