[pmwiki-users] Unit testing pmwiki markup code

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sun Apr 27 04:28:18 CDT 2008

Randy Brown said...
> I didn't realize that php was truly object oriented.

It's got most oo stuff. php5 is a lot, lot better than php4. But because 
support for php4 ended last year, I've moved over completely to php5 in 
any case.

> It sounds like  
> you are using phpunit to assert the correctness of php functions.  
> That's great for recipe developers.

Yes, I believe it to be the only way ;-)
> But I don't know php - I write pmwiki markup. I want to assert that my  
> pages look and behave the way that I expect whenever I make changes to  
> my config.php, install new recipes, change my pmwiki markup, etc.
> Are you using phpunit to test the correctness of served pages, or just  
> the correctness of output from php functions?

The former follows the latter. "Correctness" is derived from the HTML 
generated. For me that's not very useful, since it is skin-dependent.

Also, browser behaviour is not under the developer's control, so can 
only be asserted, in general, visually - as is typical with GUI testing.

However, the output from recipes - and any associated classes and 
methods - can easily be asserted.


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