[pmwiki-users] restrict page creation to contain some necessary fields

olli halloolli at hailmail.net
Tue Apr 29 02:45:49 CDT 2008

hi there

i've just done a pmwiki install, which worked pretty well and now i'm doing 
a first mockup of a dance site for worldwide contributers.

(1) guest users should be only allowed to add pages with some fixed parts 
(like categories for country, etc). i do know hoe to restrict theer editing 
to a group, but in this group they can create whatever page they want. 
however i need to force/guide users to create pages containing fixed fields. 
how can i restrict user to this?

(2) and how can i give them a set choice for the country field via drop down 
or so?

thanks heaps for any pointers!

cheers, olli 

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