[pmwiki-users] restrict page creation to contain some necessary fields

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Apr 29 05:13:53 CDT 2008

> (1) guest users should be only allowed to add pages with some 
> fixed parts 
> (like categories for country, etc). i do know hoe to restrict 
> theer editing 
> to a group, but in this group they can create whatever page 
> they want. 
> however i need to force/guide users to create pages 
> containing fixed fields. 
> how can i restrict user to this?
> (2) and how can i give them a set choice for the country 
> field via drop down 
> or so?

Some possible options, in order of difficulty from easiest to most difficult
(1) Create templates for the group so when they go to edit they have a
template to fill out.  They can erase the template if they choose to do so,
but at least you've got a better chance of having more consistently
formatted pages.
(2) WikiForms would give you a database-like ability to create pages with
limited fields and you can define what you want to appear (like a drop-down
for country, etc.)
(3) You could code your own using something like Fox
(4) You could code your own using out-of-the-box pmwiki forms

It may be that the fox solution would be easier than the wikiforms - not
sure on that.

Based on your brief description I would probably lean towards wikiforms.


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