[pmwiki-users] Content/Music - extremly long access-path via URL

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 01:49:01 CST 2008

--- Patrick Ogay <lists at basel-inside.ch> wrote:

> But "Exsultate justi" definitely made problems (in
> Moz) and I changed it to (:music:) again.

I will look into this.

> I'm also investigating for further developement.
> In a further step, I like to generate mp3 for some
> purposes (burn a CD for my chorus, which now is
> complicated) I hope I can add pre- (abcpp) and
> postprocessing (mp3 generation) in the script.

If you have converters for this it should be easy to
make work.  If you point me to a linux version of
these, I will see if I can integrate them into the
music recipe if that makes sense.

> For some usage (web playlist), it would be nice
> anyway to have "nice url-names" for the tunes.

Please suggest how you imagine this to be and I will
see if there is either a general improvement that I
can make, or if I can simply suggest a custom patch to
do what you want.  The URLs should currently not be
too complicated, but they might be very "techy"
looking.  My goal is definitely to make them somewhat
self explanatory so I welcome any feedback to
encourage this.


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