[pmwiki-users] Content/Music - extremly long access-path via URL

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Wed Feb 13 02:55:20 CST 2008

thank you very much.

>If you have converters for this it should be easy to
>make work.  

I have some ideas for the future for our chorus singers: 
- for example, to let the user select a voice (let's say bass) and the instruments. 
I think I like one "major/static midi", and indivduell temporary midi and mp3 for a specific surfer, which he can generate 
- playlists 
- easy mp3 download for mp3-players. 
- easy audioCD generation  (for privileged users)
- a commercial service would be imaginable... (create individual .isos for download). 

I have to think in general about what is usefull and how it can be implemented.   
I let you know, when I have some specific technically questions about ABCM-implementation. 


If somebody likes to share ABC stuff, let me know. 

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