[pmwiki-users] issue tracker - recommedations

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 01:32:58 CST 2008

Jan Erik Moström wrote:

>I want to set up a issue tracker on personal site. I looked at 
>the cookbook and found three recipes PITS, JITS and Yeats ... 
>should I use one of these (recommendations?) or should I do it 
>in some other way?

It depends on your requirements.

I made a _really_ simple issue tracker with:

* a custom pagelist format (a table listing the page text variables),
* a page template containing these variables,
* a page containing page lists for "closed" and "not closed" "issue"
pages. And a "newpagebox".

If I need a specific sort order, I add a new page list to a wikipage.
No need to dynamically change the sort order by clicking the table

The same applies to specific selections - people can add their
preferred lists to wiki pages.


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