[pmwiki-users] Thinking: gather the content from other pages by TAB interfaces

imoc blog.oc at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 03:45:40 CST 2008

Hi list,

There are many method to display information in a concise interface. One 
of them is using 'tabs'. Some examples can be found here:


But I'm not talking about 'tabbed menu' which usually put on top of a skin. 
I'm thinking about a directive to display 'tabbed content'. There is a 
sample I foundby using TiddlyWiki(a non-server wiki which can not used in
'http://' but 'file:///' environment) here:


The six tabs in the page are generated by only a few lines of it's 'tabs 
syntex' which in meaning like this:

(:tabs txtSetCookie
 1stTextOnTabLabel TextIn1stTooltip WhichPageIncluded
 2ndTextOnTabLabel TextIn2ndTooltip WhichPageIncluded
 6thTextOnTabLabel TextIn6thTooltip WhichPageIncluded

Every single line generates one tab and the content inside every tab is 
included by specifying the pagename. It's a useful method to gather the 
content from several other pages into one place. Very concise.

Since we have (:include:), (:pagelist:) and so on to display other content 
into current page, I'm wonder if it is possible, or good enough, to add a 
new directive like (:tabs:) to do a little difference thing. If so, it 
would be very useful.

Since I know nothing about php, so I can only think about this. Wish 
someone can make it become a recipe. That would be great. :)


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