[pmwiki-users] end-of-section (SectionEdit)

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Thu Feb 28 07:44:52 CST 2008

"marc" wrota :

> It might help if you could provide the use cases that you are trying to
> achieve; rather than coming at this from the other end.
> Someone else might have ideas on how to achieve what you are after, 
> though.

ok, I have a 2 columns page, created by 
http://pmwiki.com/wiki/Cookbook/MakeColumns (or the confluence Cookbook)


!! Title LEFT
My text LEFT


!! Title RIGHT
My text RIGHT


If I "edit" the first part (left), I see the "(:column:)" markup in the 
field, ... I would like to have a dedicated markup to set a "end-of-section" 
in order to avoid having meaningless content, ...
Purpose of that is to maximize the 'visual comfort' of the end-user !


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