[pmwiki-users] Interacting with MySQL

Rick Cook rick at rickcook.name
Sun Jan 13 00:49:29 CST 2008


I did some looking through the archives and even added a question to the 
SelectQuery page and I am still no closer to a solution.


I am attempting to connect a PmWiki form (or forms) to a MySQL database. I was 
able to quickly get UpdateForm to allow me to enter new records into the 
database including enforcing some "Required" fields and having one field that 
is required to be unique across all rows. I could also update an existing 
record if I included a "where=UniqueField" clause in the "(:update 
form...:)". In that mode, I could not create new entries in the database.

With those two results, I thought "Okay, I just have the unique field entered 
in a simple form, use SelectQuery to see if that value exists in the database 
and put up a populated UpdateForm for existing entries or an unpopulated 
UpdateFrom (except for the unique field). After several hours attempting to 
get the data from the simple input form using $_POST, I was successfully able 
to get the SelectQuery populated by creating a custom PageVariable and 
populating it from the POST data.

Now I am stuck. I have the successful SelectQuery results and can see the 
record if I don't use "display=custom". I can't seem to grab any of the data 
from the query to use in any decision process or to populate the form - the 
{`fieldname`} syntax does not seem to be working (or maybe I don't know how 
to make it work).


- Is there an easier method for doing what I am attempting to do?
- Am what I am describing possible using SelctQuery and UpdateFrom?
- If so, how do I make it work?
- Any other helpful suggestions?


Rick Cook

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