[pmwiki-users] quirk with nested-if

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Jul 1 02:36:36 CDT 2008

> but now, if i add any more Markup anywhere in my config, the same problem
> arises - it doesn't matter what it is.

Try playing around with the ?action=ruleset and see what's happening
with the markup rules...

The Markup() command uses an array $MarkupTable() which in turn sets
$MarkupRules() later down the line.  Running out of memory?  Strange
but I guess possible.  Have you checked the logfiles for errors?

The strange thing, to me, is not that you've got some interaction
between markups that is causing a problem, but that it works in the
first, non-footer, instance but then doesn't work in the footer...  Is
either the page or the footer particularly large?


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