[pmwiki-users] quirk with nested-if

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Jul 1 03:46:26 CDT 2008

> (moving this off-list.  Feel free to move it back at any point.)
> (1) pcre limits can be set  with ini_set() (and shown with ini_get 
> (), I
> believe), although I'm surprised they didn't come up with phpinfo.   
> You can
> see them in your php.ini.

i'll take a look - after some sleep : )

> (2) In the rulesets you sent me I note that in the successful one  
> nested if
> is BEFORE include while in the unsuccessful one it occurs AFTER the  
> include
> rule.  Why don't you change the order argument (#2) to the nested- 
> if markup
> to be '<include' instead of '>if' and see if that fixes things.

seems to make the situation worse - makes the entire nestedif block  
fails and prints out  (whereas before, just the internal blocks were  

actually - a breakthrough (i think)
i changed nestedif from '>if' to '<if'
-- and everything started to magically work again, even with all the  
extra Markups loaded...

weird day-and-a-half-wild-goose-chase
thanks again for the help!

> -Peter

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