[pmwiki-users] foxnotify delete

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 03:02:17 CDT 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008, 3:48:47 AM, adam overton wrote:

> however, when this user then tries to click the 'delete' link, they  
> are redirected to FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA, which displays the same  
> foxnotify line with a delete link at the end. the line has not been  
> deleted. continued clicking on this delete link results in simply  
> reloading this page with no change.

From all you wrote it seems to be an issue of users not being
authenticated to do the deleting on FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA.
Not a matter of page permission settings, which you seem to do very

You don't mention the settings for $FoxAuth. $FoxAuth is set to
'edit' by default, meaning users need 'edit' access to a target page
in order to have Fox change something.

If you lock FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA to be edited only by users in
an @admin group then general members will not be able to add or
delete anything on FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA, if $FoxAuth = 'edit';

But you say adding email adresses works correctly, only deleting does
not. So there may be another issue. For testing this, put on
FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA a (:foxmessage:) markup to get any error
feedback. Generally for debugging it is good to put such a markup on
the relevant page which holds the Fox form, and disable any redirect
in the form for the tests. If you have a redirect parameter set, then
you will never see any feedback messages, as they get lost in the

So what error or success messages can you see when you test for this?


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