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adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Jul 10 03:37:57 CDT 2008

hi Hans
thanks for the speedy response
lets see

i put a (:foxmessage:) on the resulting page (FoxNotifyLists.UserGroupA)
and received the expected msg: PERMISSION DENIED to delete on  

and my FoxAuth is currently set to 'read'...

> But you say adding email adresses works correctly, only deleting does
> not. So there may be another issue.

yes, still the case...

i find it interesting that the page deletion stuff from  
FoxPageManagement work pretty well - i presume because the user is  
adding the term "delete", which results in the wiki. i wonder if the  
permissions are currently looking more down on the more destructive/ 
straightforward acts of deletion...??

any ideas for where to start?

On 10 Jul 2008, at 1:02 AM, Hans wrote:

> Thursday, July 10, 2008, 3:48:47 AM, adam overton wrote:
>> however, when this user then tries to click the 'delete' link, they
>> are redirected to FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA, which displays the same
>> foxnotify line with a delete link at the end. the line has not been
>> deleted. continued clicking on this delete link results in simply
>> reloading this page with no change.
> From all you wrote it seems to be an issue of users not being
> authenticated to do the deleting on FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA.
> Not a matter of page permission settings, which you seem to do very
> liberally.
> You don't mention the settings for $FoxAuth. $FoxAuth is set to
> 'edit' by default, meaning users need 'edit' access to a target page
> in order to have Fox change something.
> If you lock FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA to be edited only by users in
> an @admin group then general members will not be able to add or
> delete anything on FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA, if $FoxAuth = 'edit';
> But you say adding email adresses works correctly, only deleting does
> not. So there may be another issue. For testing this, put on
> FoxNotifyLists/UserGroupA a (:foxmessage:) markup to get any error
> feedback. Generally for debugging it is good to put such a markup on
> the relevant page which holds the Fox form, and disable any redirect
> in the form for the tests. If you have a redirect parameter set, then
> you will never see any feedback messages, as they get lost in the
> process.
> So what error or success messages can you see when you test for this?
>   ~Hans

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