[pmwiki-users] Web for mobiles -- Apple sold over 1 million iPhones last weekend...

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Mon Jul 14 16:37:03 CDT 2008

> I agree we can customize output for mobile devices, but it shouldn't
> require a separate command.  Instead, the site (or skin or whatever)
> can detect that the request is coming from a mobile device and alter
> the display accordingly.

While "intelligent" computers are useful at times, they make me
nervous quite often.
I hate to type "www.google.com" in and having pages served in italian,
and/or being served with ads about my country when I search through
I would like to be able and type an URL and have mobile pages served
even if I'm on a regular pc. Just like you do with
So, I would prefer to always have
(for regular pages)
(for mobiles)

But maybe you mean that there should be a way to just sniff the user
agent and make the switch towards mobiles, while always retaining the
ability to manually force ?action=mobile if desired?
Yes, nice, but even too nice for a start. Too complicated for my skills, anyway.
Would anything like this
http://dev.mobi/article/lightweight-device-detection-php be of any

> Just set $ActionSkin['mobile'] to the name of the skin(s)
> you want to use when a page is requested with ?action=mobile.
> (That's how ?action=print works, see line 18 of scripts/skins.php .)

I'll try, as soon as I get to an ftp: enabled pc...


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