[pmwiki-users] Web for mobiles -- Apple sold over 1 million iPhones last weekend...

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Tue Jul 15 01:52:04 CDT 2008

>> I agree we can customize output for mobile devices, but it shouldn't
>> require a separate command.  Instead, the site (or skin or whatever)
>> can detect that the request is coming from a mobile device and alter
>> the display accordingly.
> While "intelligent" computers are useful at times, they make me
> nervous quite often.
> But maybe you mean that there should be a way to just sniff the user
> agent and make the switch towards mobiles, while always retaining the
> ability to manually force ?action=mobile if desired?
> Yes, nice, but even too nice for a start. Too complicated for my skills, anyway.
> Would anything like this
> http://dev.mobi/article/lightweight-device-detection-php be of any
> use...?
Mythweb (part of MythTV) has quite a nice mobile detection script. You
can find it at:


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