[pmwiki-users] IncludeUrl problem

Julius jultus at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 08:33:59 CDT 2008


I'm using the includeurl.php cookbook file in pmwiki,
which is NOT working as it should.

I have this in the local/config.php:

$EnableExternalResource = 0;

And even though it then refuses to allow http and https links
to be included, it also ends up showing a blank page
instead of what it should show.

I tried absolute paths, I tried every possible option
that might parse the correct file,
but it keeps giving me a blank page.


If pmwiki would be at http://torture.me/projects/test/pmwiki
(and allow_url_fopen is On)

(:includeurl http://torture.me/projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)

works just fine when  $EnableExternalResource = 1;
but when I set  $EnableExternalResource = 0;
none of these will work:

(:includeurl /var/web/projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../iets/activnew.php:)

they all yield a blank pmwiki page.

Any idea why?



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