[pmwiki-users] News page and displaying a few recent news headers on a separate page?

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 04:31:46 CDT 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008, 11:21:03 AM, Christian Ridderström wrote:

> What recipes/solutions are there for implementing the above in a way 
> that's more 'pmwikiish'? The only requirements are really that:

> * Be able to list the recent news headers on a another page
> * Preferably store all the news items in a single page

The last requirement is quite difficult to achieve, I believe,
because one needs to dynamically (if possible) pick out only certain
pieces of content.

If you let go of that requirement and store each news item on its own
page, in a dedicated group, it would be quite simple to show the
latest news items using pagelist with a template format which
includes content. If the content of each 'news' page is structured
using page text variables, it is easy to pick out parts of it by
showing selected ptvs, again with  a custom pagelist template.
For simplicity news pages could be named by iso date: 2008-07-18 etc.
This makes the pagelisting and page management and file management
easier, but it is not necessary.

How you create the news pages is a different matter. To have them all
confirm to the same structure it would be good to use a template for
new pages of the dedicated 'news' group.


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